Frequently Asked Questions


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User FAQs


  • How do I list an item?

      Listing an item on site is straight forward, fast and Free. To list an item go to post Moving request.                                                                            

        After the item is listed, all relevant Transport Providers who are interested in your listing will be notified and invited to submit a cheap quote to transport               your item.

  • How long does it take to start getting quotes?

      Transport providers enter their bid manually, so expect to wait up to 48 hours for the best quotes to come in, however it's not uncommon to receive bids               within a few hours.

  • Who are the carriers that send quotes ?  

       Site enrollment is reserved for road haulage companies that carries for third parties and moving companies which comply with the regulations in force:                the names displayed are simple "nicknames", similar to what happens on Ebay. For each conveyor is also available a brief description of the company                    and reviews left by users.

  • How long does it take to arrange a delivery?

       Delivery times are generally specified by the transport provider within a quote. If they are set as “flexible dates” we suggest you to accept the quote                      al least 7-10 days before the desired dates.

  • What happens once I book a delivery?

       The transport provider will contact you to make final arrangements.

  • Lost/Forgotten password

       Don't worry - Just click the Forgot your password?” text link on the LOGIN pop -up page at the site entrance. An email will follow shortly with a                        computer generated password to be used with the registered email address.

  • How can I edit my delivery listing?

       If after listing your shipment you find an error, omission or wish to change the details of your request, you can not edit it.Send us an email to correct                    your request and make a new one. 

  • How do I accept a quote?

        To accept a quote, please follow these steps:

    • 1. Login
    • 2. ‘My Moving Requests’
    • 3. Select your chosen quote by clicking on the green button "Details" on the right.
    • 4. Click on the green “Accept Offer" button on the left & follow the instructions on screen. 

Transport Provider

  • How do I register?

       Signing up as a transport provider  is simple. Simply fill out the form at:

       Register Mover. You will then need to verify your address. You can do this by verifying with your driving licence. Your account will be verified instantly. 

  • How do I place a quote?

       Firstly, in order to place a quote, you must ensure your transport provider account is fully activated and verified. 

       Once your account is fully validated, be sure that your profile page is complete to ensure that maximum chance of success with your quoting activity.

       Once you have conducted a search and identified a shipment which you wish to quote on follow these steps:

    • 1. Ensure you are logged in and click on the shipment listing of interest so that the shipment listing page is displayed (the one with the big map).
    • 2. Take a look at the details of the shipment including origin, destination, and time frame requested as well as other quotes placed.
    • 3. down to the bottom of the page where the quote form will be displayed.
    • 4. Specify whether there is an expiry or cut-off date for your quote.
    • 5. Enter your quote amount and click ‘’Post offer’’
  • Do I have to pay to use the site ?

       For transport providers, we do not charge a sign-up fee or any on-going subscription fees whatsoever. We only charge a commission if and when work                is secured. This is charged on a tiered basis. You can view the current fee breakdown structure at: Terms of use.

  • Lost username/password

        If you have forgotten your password, please enter either your username or email address here:Login and click Forgot your password?


 Rules & Fees


  • Contact information policy

        The site has a very clear policy which strictly prohibits the posting of any direct contact information on the site. Furthermore, it is not permitted to post                   messages which may prompt a user to look off-site for the purpose of obtaining direct contact information.

        Contact information is only exchanged between parties if and when a quote is accepted.

        Abuse of this policy will result in account suspension or closure.